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April 5, 2020

Like many of you, I was horrified when I saw this headline in The New York Times last week: “When You Die of the Coronavirus, You Die Alone.”

Although the newspaper has since changed the headline – it now reads “I’m on the Front Lines. I Have No Plan for This” to undoubtedly soften the blow of Dr. Daniela J. Lamas’ dismal account of her experiences at a Boston I.C.U. – the original sentiment still haunts me. No one wants to hear stories of patients who spend their final moments in total isolation, away from not on...

October 24, 2019

People often reject Christianity in an effort to avoid religion, while still wanting to remain “spiritual.” These actions stem from the presupposition that spirituality is based on love, unity, and freedom, while religion is grounded in fear, separation, and dictation.

October 24, 2019

My experience at a law firm this summer showed me how the Christian gospel is still both good advice and, more importantly, good news.

September 30, 2019

Logic and emotion need not be an explosive mixture but instead when held together in tension, they can weave a harmonious melody.

September 23, 2019

It was one of those nights, a pendulum that dangles a bit at the precipice of each climax: might slip, might not. There was a familiar staleness in the air, the type that would swaddle up any cries or shrieks in a clammy silence, but would tease any insecurities with relentless whisperings.

I sat on a couch facing a blank television, arm resting on a melted stack of books spilled across my lap, eyes pinned to a small chunk of shadow, one of the indistinguishable thousands in the room. I stared a bit longer. It's i...

September 15, 2019

Gospel proclamation need not be set against social care, for Biblical, spiritual redemption was never merely about individual or personal salvation, but about the establishment of a kingdom – both personal and cosmic.

September 9, 2019

Working to fight the presence of egodystonic thoughts requires us to consistently shift our attention back to the present where God’s grace is, to turn our thoughts to what is “right, pure, lovely, and admirable.”

September 2, 2019

From a Christian perspective, we see that AI isn't really causing us to ask new questions of humanity, what we're able to do or where we're headed. Rather, it’s causing us to ask the same old questions in light of new opportunities.

March 14, 2019

Sweat drips down my back. I breathe in through my nose, out through my mouth. The exhaustion is hardly noticeable amidst the surging adrenaline. All I feel is the heat radiating from the stage lights, the exertion of my muscles, and the rhythm of the pounding music. In this moment I feel complete. My body and soul have merged to produce joy.

I step to my right, pull my left foot back, and lift my left hand above my head. I then bend my right leg, bow my head, and let my left arm fall to my side, palm facing upward...

March 14, 2019

If we want different results, we must think and act counterintuitively. We have to be completely satisfied with nothing, even the addition of more pain and inconvenience - and it’s only in this sacrifice, ironically, that we can arrive at a solution. In no way does this imply a toleration of the status quo of racism or any other oppression; rather, it involves a reframing of those issues from the language of personal harms towards one that seeks justice for the Other, constantly, even when that Other doesn’t incl...

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Where is God in the Midst of the Coronavirus?

April 5, 2020

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